Finding Time

Finding time to create a blog when you are busy doing other things can be quite difficult. This is why I have found that it is important that I begin write different types of posts dealing with some of the financial aspects of raising money and the finances that come along with it Our first post be today which I have done a little bit of research on understanding.

There are quite a few issues that are happening financially and I would like to tackle some of the. Although there is a lot of disagreement among many Americans as to our state of the economy, I also have differing views but would like to see how it all comes out in print.

Getting One

I want one, I have to have one, I am getting one by this time next year. I was driving around with my husband, just taking an afternoon drive last Sunday, when I saw it. It was a bicycle built for two. This was not the kind that you’re used to seeing though, the one that is the same size as a normal bike, but two seats and two sets of pedals. This particular bike looked like a normal bike, then connected with a bar, there was a back seat and a wheel attached, but the back seat rider was made to fit a young child. And they were not given control over the steering or the pedaling. It was adorable, they can still move the pedals but it’s not connected to the chain. I will be getting one next Christmas, along with my easy scholarships, and maybe a new car.


It’s really good to see our local grocery store supporting our local farmers. This isn’t just one of those scammers like how to get out of credit card debt, these are local people with families and homes to support.  I think it’s important to support any farmers, in our country, but it’s nice to support locals as well. If you think about what’s behind those farmers, are not just the farmers but families, and communities that rely on this for support. I was walking in the vegetable section and came accros some apples. On the sign on these apples it said, “this store proudly supports our local farmers”. So, of course I purchased them. It felt really good knowing that my purchase was going to help someone local trying to raise their family on these sales. And, because there was no pesticides used, they apples tasted a lot more fresh. I would suggest that anyone try the local items.


I think spaghetti has to be the best thing to eat, day or night, it’s so fulfilling. The problem is, my body doesn’t agree with the carboyhydrates in them. I am not a big fan of spaghetti sauce, although some of them depending on the flavor and brand taste really good. However, my absolute favorite is when I put some butter on them, it has to be real butter though, not margerine. It just doesn’t taste the same unless it’s real butter. I should really put this on the scholarships for moms blog for everyone, I’m sure they’d like it.  So, once I put the butter on in, I sprinkle on some parmesean cheese, usually the parmesean romano blend. Then, you just add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. It’s kind of like having an alfredo, it’s really tasty. Our daughter likes it the same was also. If I could eat spaghetti all the time and not gain weight, I certainly would. For now, it’s just a special treat to have on occasion.



We went out exploring this morning and were very pleased with what we found. We just moved into this area just a few months ago and about twice a week, we like going on drives in the morning after our workout. Sometimes we take the same route, checking out the beautiful homes and the beach, other days, we go new ways we haven’t been. This morning we went a new way and we saw a deer, right along side the road. It was beautiful and seemed to look at us for a bit. We drove slowly as not to scare her. What a great drive.  Much more exciting than learning the best term life insurance companies for my quota at work.

Be Aware

I really dislike smooth talking people that think they can get anything out of you that they want.  So, the other day, a friend of mine was trying to get a scholarship and came across a merit based scholarships site.  She was intrigued and thought she’d give it a try, what can she lose?  After about an hour phone call and much aggravation, it turns out, they wanted something in return.  They continued to try to talk her into sending her money then they would send her information on it, promising that they could give her a huge scholarship.  Thankfully she contacted me and after further investigation, we found out that they were not even a legitimate company.  Watch out.

Home Owner

Is it me, or are there more people out there that are in debt?  I really need to learn how to consolidate debt.  I am way too far along in my life to be in debt in the first place.  If it weren’t for my exes trying to bleed me dry before we split up.  But, however I got here, I just need to get out.  I would really like to buy a house soon and maybe a new car, nothing too fancy, but something more reliable then what we are driving right now.  And, although our currently place of residence is totally beautiful, there is just something about having a home.  A home that you own, something you don’t have to pay rent for.  There is a certain freedom about it and security that I want our little one to feel.  I will get there, really soon, I will just stay positive.


What was your most memorable adventure movie growing up?  Hmmm, for me, I think the one that sticks in my mind is Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom.  I think that movie scared the pants off of me!  It had some pretty mature scenes in it as well.  There were some pretty intense scenes.  Who doesn’t like seeing the hero rescue the victims though!  What a thriller.  Don’t get me wrong, there were other good adventure movies, but nothing that stood out to me like this one!  It has you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie.  Practically biting your finger nails off with the anticipation of what is to happen next.  Much more exciting than my no essay scholarships assignment I have to complete soon, ehhhh.  Can’t I watch another movie instead?

Mice Oh My

I have to tell this story on myself.  I was reading up on my anatomy and physiology study guide for work the other morning, drinking my coffee.  I was minding my own business, enjoying the morning.  All of the sudden, I felt something on the back of my neck, I thought it was a stray hair that had fallen out of my pony tail.  Anyway, I thought I had moved the pesky hair, then I felt something again, although, it felt much bigger than just a hair.  I put my hand back on my neck and felt something wet and moving.  I swatted at the back of my neck and on the floor fell a mouse, ewwwwwww.  What a frightening moment.  Calling the exterminator today!

Veterinarian in progress

I am really hoping for easy scholarships for next year, the other scholarships I’ve applied for were very time consuming and difficult.  I love animals, and hope to become a veterinarian one day!  I am so excited about it, but do not have very much money to pay for it.  When I was a kid, I used to take care if all of the animals around the neighborhood, they used to actually call me snow white, yep, that was me.  Now, my childhood hobby has turned into a great love and I want nothing more than to be able to help furry friends :)

Are You a Big Reader?

Making the most out of you in a day can be a very daunting task. Especially if you are in school and at work and you are stuffed with a heavy work load that seem unrealistic to finish. One thing you need to know is, not doing anything at all can get you into trouble.

This article talks about prioritizing your work so as to be productive. When you do this, the first impression is you have accepted to do the work, and you have a positive attitude. The next thing is to arrange the work in order of importance. Tackle the most important in order to the least. This can be in accordance to your boss’s demand, your teacher’s expectations or according to your personal timetable.

The other thing you need to know about being productive in your daily endeavors is there is an expectation of failure behind every task given. If you get caught up with the deadline after prioritizing, you are equally successful. Do not beat up yourself about it.